William E. Welsh

Apprentice Seaman William Welsh, son of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Welsh, 915 Barland Street, has been transferred from the Asbury Park, NJ Pre-Midshipman’s School to Midshipman School at Fort Schuyler, NY.

Naval Officer Begins Primary Flight Training
OTTUMWA, IOWA--Ensign William Welsh of 915 Barland Street, Eau Claire, has reported at  the Naval Air Station, Ottumwa, IA for naval air primary flight training. 

He is one of more than 300 recently commissioned ensigns who will be given the four-month primary course at the Ottumwa Naval Air Station, which involves more than 75 solo and dual flights, four hours of navigation, recognition, aerology and communications study daily, and several hours a day of athletics and swimming. 

Ensign Welsh attended Eau Claire State Teachers College and was commissioned, after successful completion of the midshipmen's course at the U.S. Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School, Fort Schuyler, NY. 

He spent a leave visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Welsh, 915 Barland Street, before reporting for flight training.

Naval Aviation Cadet William E. Welsh, son of W. W. Welsh, 915 Barland Street, has reported to the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School at Athens, GA for advanced ground school subjects. Upon completion of the course, he will be transferred to an air station to begin progressive flight training preparatory to joining a combat unit. He is a graduate of Eau Claire High School in 1940 and attended the teachers college here for three years. He has been stationed at Monmouth, IL and Milwaukee.

Aviation Cadet William E. Welsh is spending a short furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Welsh, 915 Barland Street. He will return to Athens, GA on Friday.